Why Walk?

Why Walk?

Walking has been described as the ‘perfect exercise’. Its low impact, free and almost anyone can do it. Whether you stroll, saunter, amble or stride, walking is good for you. 

Healthy benefits of walking

Strong scientific evidence now supports the many benefits to health of regular walking. Studies show that regular walking can:

  • Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Reduce bad cholesterol
  • Help you lose weight  
  • Enhance mental well being 
  • Increase bone density, helping to prevent osteoporosis 
  • Reduce the risk of developing some cancers
  • Reduce the risk of  developing type 2 diabetes
  • Help flexibility and co-ordination, reducing the risk of falls 
  • Boost your immune system

Why is walking brilliant?

You don’t have to plan it, so you can be spontaneous! All you need are your feet and a pair of trainers or comfy shoes.

  • You can do it whatever the weather. If it’s raining, don’t be put off, grab a coat and wellies and get out there (we all love splashing in puddles !)
  • It’s sociable – take a friend and have a good natter. Or have a nice long chat with your family. 
  • It’s a great way to make short journeys instead of taking the car; and you save money. 
  • You’re probably doing it already.
  • It’s fun and it wont cost you anything !

How much walking?

Adults should look at doing 30 minutes of moderate level walking on at least 5 days of the week (moderate level walking means you should be able to talk normally, feel a little warmer, breath a little harder and your heart should beat a little faster). If you cant manage or don’t have time to walk for 30 mins try doing a number of shorter walks of 10 minutes or more to reach your daily target.

Walking for Health groups

Walking in a group is a great way to start walking and to stay motivated. You’ll make friends and discover new places to walk in your neighbourhood as well as improving your health and fitness. All walks are risk assessed and lead by trained volunteer walk leaders who will help and encourage you along the way.

Walks are free and all you will need is a comfortable pair of shoes. Most walks are between 40-60 mins. To find you’re nearest walking for health group in Shrewsbury or the surrounding area just follow the link www.wfh.naturalengland.org.uk and enter your post code in the Walk Finder. 

Alternatively contact the Walking for Health Team on 01743 255059 or email